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In 2007 we created our first DVD series in a TV show format. It was successful and was even featured in Fly Fusion magazine! We went on to produce a few more titles in limited quantities, but have taken a few years off. We are now back for 2015/16 with a new web TV series of informative shows for fishermen to enjoy! Hopefully you all enjoy these episodes as much as we enjoyed filming and producing them! Check out the latest episodes below, and also enjoy some of our older videos if you haven't already. The passion is still there, and we think you can tell that as you watch these fine videos.

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Web HD TV Series

Season 1 (2015/2016)

Episode 1: Stillwater Fly Fishing HD

Tim and Andy fly fish for some rainbow trout in an Alberta pothole lake in the Spring. Chironomids and leeches were the hot flies of the day.

Episode 2: Ice Fishing For Trout HD

Ice fishing for trout was the style of fishing for the day. With winter lasting upwards of 6 months in Alberta, the guys need to get out once in awhile in that time period. Using simple tactics to catch rainbow trout on their Uncle's privately stocked trout pond, it was a great day spent with family and friends!